Energy saving tips

You can save energy and reduce electricity consumption by doing some simple things.  Your fridge/freezer may be your biggest consumer of energy because it’s always on and everyone has one.  Many of the following tips concern the ubiquitous refrigerator.  If you are contemplating going off-grid, then pay careful attention to selection of household appliances, water heating and space heating so your capital cost of renewable energy equipment is minimised.

  1. Boil only enough water you need for the cup of tea you’re making, and use a pot on the gas stove instead of an electric jug
  2. Use gas for water heating – typical on-grid homes use 30% of all their electricity to heat water
  3. Use gas for cooking, including the oven
  4. Build a small building – at Miranda Energy Park the indoor floor area is only 50 square metres
  5. Limit or exclude use of the electric toaster, electric heater, microwave, or any normal home appliance that uses lots of energy
  6. Don’t leave the fridge door open for long, and buy a top-loading freezer
  7. Design your kitchen with the fridge positioned at the south end, away from direct sunlight
  8. Going off-grid?  Then buy an off-grid fridge from specialist suppliers:  they cost more but will reduce capital cost of your installed energy system because they use half as much energy as a normal one