Why “Miranda Energy Park”?

Miranda Energy Park is a certified organic 30-acre property, rich in biodiversity, and totally powered by renewable energy.  There are renewable energy technologies on display, and the energy of life is everywhere.

Buying food that is grown here has the following benefits:

1  Gives you food security – the complete history of the food is known and is largely documented: all your questions can be answered.

2  Vegetables sold at markets are harvested the previous day (except for garlic), and fruit is collected over the previous week.  Duck eggs for sale at markets are also no more than 1 week old.

3  All fresh produce is certified organic with BioGro NZ (#5635).

4  All the electricity used comes from solar panels and wind turbines.  All space heating uses solid fuel burners powered by woody biomass harvested off the property.

5  Food varieties are selected for high nutritional value, often heirloom veges and heritage fruits that are hardy and rare – you can taste the difference!






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