Testimonial from Jim Daniell

Our Experience with Wind Energy on Ashton Rd., Matakana

Jim and Sandra Daniell

166 Ashton Rd.

RD 5, Warkworth

In 1999 we bought a coastal home on a windy hill on the South side of Rodney Ridge overlooking Omaha Beach and many points East and South to Auckland.  Our home was connected to the grid but was sited at the end of a winding 1.5 km. metal road. Over the course of the next 4 years we experienced may power outages and became very frustrated to always seem to be the last home in the area to have our power reconnected after faults.

Thus we began to explore wind energy to augment our power sources and learned of a young engineer in the Auckland area named Duncan McMillan who had started Gusto Energy to offer small wind turbines for isolated windy sites such as ours. In January of 2003 we signed a contract with Gusto Energy Ltd to erect a 2.0 kW wind turbine for us on our property at the end of Ashton Road.

The entire contract negotiation and assembly process was handled with the greatest of professionalism and attention to detail by Mr. McMillan. We found him to be very personable and responsive to any of our calls or emails during the site preparation, and were extremely impressed with his dedication and expertise in the area of wind turbines. His knowledge and understanding of wind energy and his management of the entire process was very professional. He skillfully managed choosing the best site on our property, obtaining appropriate consents, coordinating our contract and actual connections with Empower (our local power company) and then finally building the wind turbine. Once our turbine was up and running, Mr. McMillan has given us excellent and continuing follow up and periodic maintenance.

The turbine has been whirling away for 5 years now and still runs like a top. It is truly a hardy and robust little machine that is clearly well built to withstand some mighty blows. We go overseas during winter and have left the turbine running the last two winters when we had horrible July blows in the Rodney coastal area.  Amazingly our Gusto Energy turbine just keeps happily spinning and spinning. Its hardiness is very impressive and clearly indicates the excellent construction expertise of Mr. McMillan and the quality and reliability of the system used by Gusto to install our turbine.

We love to go out to our garage on a windy day and see the power meter running backwards!!! Our savings in energy bills are about 50% when we are here and almost zero when we are away for extended times. As far as power outages, those are non-existent for us now. We have 6 big batteries that are kept fully charged by the wind turbine before we sell power back to the grid.  Thus when power goes out in the area-which is still far too frequent- we are a shining light on the hill to all those folks down below us on Omaha who are in the dark. Having dependable 24/24 power is a real blessing and we say “Thank You!” to Duncan McMillan and his company Gusto Energy. We feel greatly benefited by having been lucky to have chosen him and his excellent and durable wind turbine to augment our power up on our hill here in rural coastal Rodney.

We would encourage anyone looking into wind turbines for home use to consider contacting Gusto Energy. The company is outstanding and has a quality product that has proven very durable and dependable for us over the last 5 years. Their service is rapid and efficient and they truly stand behind their turbine. We love to show ours off and welcome Mr. McMillan to bring potential customers to our hill to see our system. Thanks Gusto for such a good system of constant and cost-effective electrical supply.

James and Sandra Daniell

166 Ashton Rd

RD 5





Jim Daniell (left)




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