Renewable Energy Systems

Remote Area Power Supply

A Remote Area Power Supply (RAPS) comprises the means to generate electricity, store it, present it in the right configuration for use, and provide control, monitoring and protection systems.

Be independant - go off the grid, no network fees, no blackouts, control your own energy future.
You need a RAPS, or micro-grid, if you want to be completely off-grid.  Some people have no choice – there is no grid.

You can generate your own energy using:

  1. Small wind turbines
  2. Solar photovoltaic panels (PV)
  3. Micro-hydro
  4. Woody biomass

Usually there will be at least two of these in a RAPS.

Network connected/Distributed generation

Distributed Generation (or DG, just another name for a network connected system) is an option for those that are already connected to the network but want some kind or renewable energy generation on site as well.

Good things about network connected systems:

  • Use the grid as your battery – send the unwanted energy back, for a credit
  • When you’re not generating your own energy, the grid is still there
  • The ability to reduce your power bill
  • If you have batteries and/or are generating, you have continuity of supply during network outages (blackouts)
  • They use smaller battery banks, or no batteries at all:  cheaper than a RAPS

Features of a Renewable Energy System

To make effective use of your renewable energy, be it wind, solar, or micro-hydro, the “generator(s)” must be part of a renewable energy system to manage storage, transmission and consumption of your energy.  For example, generation peaks from wind or solar typically don’t coincide with when you want to use the energy.  Also, the electricity in a renewable energy system is generated at various voltages so must be temporarily stored (in batteries for example) then configured for your household loads using other system components.

Download an example of a Renewable Energy System schematic

Download a RAPS schematic

Download a Network-connect schematic

Miranda Energy Park is “off-grid”.  Average energy usage is only 300 kWhs per year (the average NZ home uses more than double that every month!) – how do we do it?






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