Full Stop

At Miranda Energy Park we say:  Full Stop!  That means stop, as in right now, the following activities in NZ:

  1. Burning coal
  2. Mining for coal
  3. Offshore oil & gas exploration

These things are no-brainers.  A nation can stop certain harmful activities in the name of the environment, just like a company can make things safer for their employees, even though it doesn’t contribute (directly) to their bottom line.   It’s NOT all about the money when it comes to Health and Safety, and it’s not all about the money when it comes to the environment.  What about future generations?  Children?  Grandchildren?  The “clean, green” NZ image?  Our government has legislated to protect our people in the workplace, so why don’t they legislate to protect our environment?  Yes yes I know they have done this and that but it’s not enough – do it properly, don’t just pay lipservice to it.  There is so much more they could do…

I get more sense out of this chicken than I do from some people.



“I’m a happy, healthy chicken.  I do what chickens do, I don’t damage the environment at all, rather I contribute to it in a sustainable way.”  Why can’t all livings things do same?





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